Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Salwaar Suit

on December 18, 2020

Indian culture is well known for its diversity in various cultures, languages, religions and attires. Every state and religion has its specific attire for its customary ceremonies. Salvar Kameez, popularly known as Salwar Suit is a traditional costume that has its roots from the Northern Indian subcontinent. Basically, it is worn by Punjabi women after the 13 century in several parts of India. This outfit comprises a pair of trousers with a kameez and a graceful dupatta which enhances its look. Due to modernization, they are widely worn by women of different cultures across the globe, which is the main reason behind the popularity of this graceful attire. The number of rising google searches like best salwar suit shop near me are clear symptoms of Salwar Suit coming back to trend again. 


History Of Salwaar Suit

Initially, Salwar Suit evolved in the Mughal era, it was worn by Mughal women, which led to its popularity amongst the masses, making it a regional style. From here it was adopted by Punjabi women. Anarkali Suits which are composed of long flared kurta with rich embroidery became popular during the Mughal era. Many people from royal families used to wear these outfits in casual and formal events due to their excellent Persian influence.


Different Patterns Of Salwar Suits

Salwar suits have evolved themselves, due to transformations, alterations, and modernization of style over time. We have listed some of the trending patterns below:


Patiala Salwar Suits

Similar to its name, Patiala Salwar Suits have originated from Patiala in Punjab. Patiala suits are a combination of three pieces, a Salwar, Kameez, and an attractive dupatta, which enhances the charm of the entire outfit. They were worn by women of royal Punjabi families and then it gained popularity in entire Punjab. These suits have pleats on the entire salwar and are paired with a body fit Kurtis. Along with this, the outfit is very popular in Afghanistan and Bangladesh also.


Palazzo Salwars

This is one of the most loved and widely used patterns of salwar kurta. They are extremely comfortable and provide a flouncy trending  Indo western look. Palazzos can be easily paired with kurtas, crop tops, shirts, and tops. When they are paired up with Kurtis, it completely turns traditional. It compliments best with Chikankarior and Lakhnavi Kurties with an embroidered dupatta draped around the outfit.


Dhoti Salwars

Dhoti salwar comprises a U-shaped pleat that is folded in the upward direction, giving it a stylish and a traditional look, both, at the same time. These dhotis are paired up with tightly fitted kurtas. Both men and women can wear dhoti with short kurtas. This is one of the most widely used attire for traditional functions and ceremonies. 


Straight Salwar Suits

These Salwar Suits are also known as Pakistani Suits and offer a smart and attractive look. The long fitted kurta and a churidar look good on all body types. Due to its sharp cuts, it makes women look taller and attractive. However, shorter girls can pick up a shorter kurta and pair them up with a churidar. All in all, they offer a sleek and sophisticated look for parties. 


Anarkali Suits

Anarkali suit is named after the court dancer of Lahore. This suite comprises a long frilled frock of floor-length which has an elegant look. They are usually paired with tight fitted churidar bottoms in order to give a royal look. It is widely worn in northwest Pakistan and Afghanistan. It looks similar to Anga which is worn in Punjab and Peshwaz which is famous in Jammu Kashmir of India. In order to purchase them, you can use google and search for the best salwar suit shop near me.


Reasons Behind the Popularity Of Salwar Suits

Convenient Make

Most of the Salwar suits are long kurtas which can comprise both loose or tight Kurtis depending upon the choice. It is paired with an embroidered dupatta which provides grace and enhances the look of the attire. All in all, it makes Salwar suit a very comfortable outfit for women.


Easy to wear 

It is very convenient to wear a Salwar Suit, you just need to pull on a kurta and a churidar bottom or leggings with a dupatta. It is super easy to carry, plus there is no need to drape it before wearing or make pleats like a saree.


Provides Comfort

Most of the kurtas are made up of light fabrics like cotton which absorbs sweat and provide proper air circulation which is essential for sticky and hot Indian climate. Plus the bottoms of the suits are comfortable for working women. 


Provide A Modest Look 

Most of the ladies are not comfortable with sarees due to how it is draped. On the other hand, Salwar suits are very loose and cover the entire body properly and are widely accepted by society.


Salwar Suits Offers Versatility 

Salwar suits can be designed according to the convenience of the person. It can be purchased ready-made or can be stitched in a boutique. You can use colourful laces, bright colour fabric, neck, and back designs according to your requirements.

The main reason behind the popularity of Salwar Suits is very much associated with the cultural changes in the society and most importantly, it met the modesty requirements of our Indian society. Also, it offered ease to working women and facilitated them to work freely at their workplace. You can satisfy your craving for this by finding the best salwar suit shop near me. 

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