The Indian Ethnic Wear - How Indian Fashion Is The Best

on November 29, 2020

India is known for diversity. The popular slogan of the country - “Unity in Diversity” signifies the variations this country has internally. Looking at its past, you will experience more diversity coming from various parts of the world. India has been ruled by many different dictators before their freedom, and that makes them the country with most variations. This variation is clearly visible in the Indian Fashion Industry also. Its deep-rooted tradition imparts artistic themes for dresses among the Indian women and men. Even after the availability of all fashion dresses online these days, there are a lot of factors that define fashion in a particular region. Silk suits, lehenga, sarees and even Cotton suit sets online shopping is available for any region. 


Highlights of the Indian Fashion and Fabric Industry 

  • Indians have the oldest history of the textile industry. Some of the ancient age techniques of creating dresses are still used. 
  • Traditions originate in almost every new corner and many times it is very difficult to differentiate between dresses for men and women. 
  • Saree is the symbol of women in India. It is worn in most regions with different styles. 
  • The national dress for men is Dhoti. Simple and elegant. 
  • The turban worn by Sikhs made Indian tradition popular worldwide and Love of Sikhs for Turban has many stories. 
  • Impact of Western Culture has flourished in the market and brought up more varieties. 


Old is Gold: Let’s dig into the Past

It’s unimaginable to go 5th Millenium BC but Indian Textile industry will take you there. The cotton industry was extremely advanced at that time. Along with unstitched clothes, Stichting also brought a new design element at that time. Inclusion of wardrobes, accessories also defined the new-age fashion in times. Jewellery has been an artefact and premium element of design for Indian women. Indian tradition also gives ample opportunities for men to try out the variations. 


Until the new trade routes to Europe were discovered, fashion in India was influenced mostly from the Maurya and Gupta Dynasty. Anariya dress was pretty common where the white cotton cloth was tied to the waist by a sash. When Roman culture came into the country, dyeing was introduced and China introduced silk textiles. The fashion that came from other countries received partial approval and partial rejection. The arrival of varied styled fashion from other countries also created groups and communities within the country. Mughals came after and had an impact on culture, art and fashion with their amazing artistic nature. Introduction of a new religion revolutionized the Indian fashion industry. Dyeing was almost essential instead of mandatory. Mordant dyeing, resist dyeing and Kalamkari techniques were introduced in creating new age dresses. 


During the rule of England, Printed calicos, chintz, muslins became a trending fashion among riches. Patterned silk became the highest state of fashion and a nationalist symbol when silk invaded the English market. 


Let’s Figure out how did Indians blend the mix of fashion

As discussed above, the introduction of European, Mughal and western culture created communities in various parts. There were villages where the impact of any foreign designs and dresses was not reachable. Traditional dresses ruled over the local regions and small cities and towns. In these days of 2020 also, Mumbai is the fashion Capital but going down the tier 2 and tier 3 cities, you will find them far far away from Mumbai’s fashion definition. The resistance of western culture has created more diversity than unity. But, let’s go through the past of Indian women fashion. 


Mekhela Sador

This is one of the most popular dresses of Assamese people and women of all ages wear this. This defines the Timeless Indian Fashion ethics. Mekhela is the bottom portion like a wide cylindrical style draped from the waist to downwards. It is folded like a saree into pleats. Riha is the special cloth worn in ceremonial occasions. 


Salwar Kameez

Living in any country, if you have any connection with Indian communities, you already know this dress. Tremendously popular in the country, Salwar Kamees looks decent, elegant and beautiful because of so many variations. Originated from Punjab, Salwar is the bottom part which is worn with many variants of the top. Kameez is the top which is simple and covers some of the bottom parts also. 


Cotton Suit Set

In India, summers are longer than the United States and more than any European country. The cotton suit sets online shopping covers the major part of Ecom in the fashion industry. Its usability in summers is higher than any other wear and dress. Also, cotton suits have a variety of options to make it suitable for the celebratory occasions, casual wears and much more. You can find Indian women getting indulged mostly in cotton suit sets online shopping. 


Anchkan or Sherwani

Marriages are most celebrated in India. Indians celebrate the coming of two persons like a festival and it goes for more than a day. For men, Sherwani is one of the most sought after dresses for such occasions. This highly celebrated occasion sees almost every man wearing the same dress. After cotton suit sets online shopping by women, Sherwani is the second most popular dress in Indian fashion these days. 


Pagri - Indian Turban

It’s a symbol that defines the culture of India. You can identify the Indian Punjabi men with just a turban. The most famous one is the dastar which symbolizes Sikhism. They consider it a way of god. You may get amazed to know that men grow their hair long like women and all of them are tied inside the Turban. Secondly comes the Pheta, a Maharashtrian originated turban worn mostly in marriages. 

There are various and innumerable Indian fashion wear. Here, you have read about the most popular ones. Other wears are also very much used but they are specific to some occasion or region. You can look and find many attractive designs in Urbanized Boutique. Indulge yourself in cotton suit sets, online shopping or Sherwani shopping for a few moments and feel the ethnicity for which India is known worldwide. 

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