Western Wear vs Traditional Wear

on October 22, 2020


This has been a topic of debate on several occasions for the past few decades. Sarees and salwar kameez are two of the most popular and well-liked outfits for women in India, or an extension to it, Indian women all over the world. It is the Indian tradition in which women must wear saree or suits but, ever since the introduction of Western Culture, this tradition has lost a great deal of popularity. 

Women among the youth, especially, have their minds well-bent towards the increased popularity and expressive nature of western clothes. When you ask them why they don't wear traditional clothes, they say that the traditional clothes are outdated and that they must go with the flow and follow new trends. They believe that western clothes make them feel confident, flawless and bold. It is not wrong to deny the fact that western culture does come with the essence of freedom. You can modify or add your ideas to make the clothes even more attractive and appealing to the eyes. But there is no contradiction to the fact that peer pressure is the root cause why most people switch to a different culture.  

However, traditional Indian clothes for women like Sarees, Suits, Kurtis are a symbol of elegance and class. It is more than just a tradition that Indian women in most parts of the world still prefer Salwar-Kameez and Saree to the western style Jeans and Tops. For example, if you visit north India then you will find most women in Salwar Kameez or Kurti whereas women in South India generally wear Saree. This proves to be a perfect example of unity and consistency in the country despite being a nation with great regional diversity. It is the simplicity and grace of the traditional culture that tempts them to persist with these clothes, that binds them with the roots of their decades-old tradition.           

The women of the young generation are indeed tempted towards western culture because it helps them strengthen their will and be as expressive as possible but they must not be shy of the traditional Indian culture as it is what teaches them unity, politeness and simplicity. While the elders should respect their choice of trying something new and should constantly remind their predecessors of the values of their tradition. One must never misunderstand adapting to a new culture by disrespecting the old one. Besides, if you want to adapt to a new culture then you must not entirely throw away your age-old tradition. This way you learn the pros and cons of the latest trends and you stay connected with your culture as well.


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