What to wear and what not to?

on November 19, 2020

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself" – Thich Nhat Hanh

Festive season is here and weddings are just around the corner and as always women face the usual dilemma of ‘what to wear and what not to wear'. The markets are flooded with traditional Indian wear these days, showcasing different styles, cuts and colors, intimidating and confusing women all the more. The mantras of ‘one size fits all' and ‘one style fits all' are far-fetched ones and one surely has to keep their body type in mind while shopping as whatever outfit you choose will help you enhance your best features and make you look gorgeous, dazzling and flawless. Let us discuss a few body types to help you understand which type you fall into.

Apple shaped body

Heavy on top and slender below is how one would define an apple shaped body. Flowing silks and loose cotton tailored outfits are extremely encouraged for this body type because these fabrics compliment the apple shape well. It is better to avoid tight, clingy attire as they will only expose your unwanted flaws. Dark colors and small delicate patterns also work wonderfully well on an apple shaped body. A churidar kurta will be the perfect attire for this body structure. A short kurta is also a great option which will highlight your best features.

Pear shaped body

Pear shaped ladies have narrow shoulders, slimmer upper body and a broad lower body. A majority of Indian women fall under this category where the strongest asset is the waist. The best outfit for a pear shaped structure is the quintessential saree which helps to accentuate the waist. Wearing soft and smooth designer sarees such as georgette or pure chiffon can help you avoid a bulky look. Pear shaped women should wear long, flowing outfits to show-off their waists and not hips. Floor length anarkali's which are narrow on top and flaired at the bottom are perfect for this body type. Basically, clothes that attract attention to your upper body such as Kurtas with embroidery or the neck or large prints on top can surely make a woman look more beautiful and attractive. 

Hour glass shaped body

If you have an hour glass shaped body, it means you have the perfect structure to carry off any outfit with panache. This shape is desired by most women and if you are the owner of an hour glass shaped body, then you are truly lucky. A well defined waist, curved hips, appropriate shaped legs, full bust are the main features of this body shape. Belts, wrap tops or anything that fits at your waist, will accentuate your structure. Although the owners of this body type need to stay away from oversized and baggy clothes but you can surely experiment with different colors by mixing pastel shades with delicate tones. Try adding a heavily embroidered blouse or a rich jacket with your lehenga or saree to make it look even more charming.

Rectangular shaped or straight shaped body

This body type boasts of a long torso, toned stomach and well defined arms. Such women are lucky to never put on weight, thus outfits and their color selection does not stress them out too much. They can carry off full length gowns, floor length anarkali's and strappy kurtis with the same kind of elegance. Ruffled or pleated sleeves work miraculously for rectangular shaped bodies because they add volume to the bust and shoulders. This body shape in women is the ‘supermodel’ kind of body and is the envy of most women as nearly all types of clothes fit this body type well.

Women are the most beautiful creations of God and just a little bit of push to enhance their gorgeous frames can prove to be wonderful for their confidence level. It is necessary to understand that whatever size or body shape you have, it is important to embrace it and be happy. 

Urbanized wishes you a gorgeous, elegant and charming festive season.

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